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劉莉蓮 教授

系所:Department of Oceanography
專長 : Biology of aquatic molluscs Coastal ecology Marine pollution
分機 : #5108
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◆ 電話:(07)5252000 轉 5108


  • Ph.D. (1990), Department of Zoology and Physiology, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge


  • 海洋軟體動物生物學
  • 海洋底棲無脊椎動物及生態學
  • 海洋軟體動物生理和生態學
  • 氣候變化對海洋底棲無脊椎動物的影響
  • 海洋污染


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  • Huang, H.T., D.N. Pao, T.Y. Liao*, L.L. Liu* (2020) Low genetic diversity of cultivated spotted hard clam (Meretrix petechialis) in Taiwan. Aquaculture Research, 51:2962–2972.
  • Kang, D.-R., K.S. Tan*, L.-L. Liu* (2018) Egg collar morphology and identity of nine species of Naticidae (Gastropoda) in Taiwan, with an assessment of their phylogenetic relationships. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 84:354-378.
  • Chen, Y. J., J. Y. Wu, C. T. A. Chen, and L. L. Liu* (2015) Effects of low pH stress on shell traits of the dove snail, Anachis misera, inhabiting shallow vent environments off Kueishan Islet, Taiwan. Biogeosciences, 12: 2631-2639.
  • Su, Y., J.-H. Hung, H. Kubo, L.L. Liu* (2014) Tridacna noae (Roding, 1798) – A valid giant clam species separated from T. maxima (Roding, 1798) by morphological and genetic data. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 62:143-154.