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謝淑貞 教授

系所:Department of Chemistry
專長 : Nanomaterial synthesis, analysis and application, nanoparticle microscopic analysis, greening science
分機 : 3931
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◆ 研究室:CH4006
◆ 實驗室:CH4007
◆ 電話:(07)5252000 轉 3931

■學 歷





Director of Technology Transfer Center, Industry-Academy Operation and Continuing Education Affairs, National Sun Yat-sen University / 國立中山大學產學營運及推廣教育處技術轉移中心主任 (08/2015~07/2016)

Member of Government Scholarship Study Abroad Advisory Committee, Ministry of Education, Taiwan / 中華民國教育部104年公費留學諮詢委員會委員 (2015)

Editorial Board Member of World Journal of Methodology, 2013~2019(

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Spectroscopy, 2012~(

Editorial Board member of Journal of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Treatment (2014~)(

Teaching Assistant at USC (09/1999–12/2002)

General Chemistry, Chem105A and 105B

Physical Chemical Measurements (Laboratory), Chem322L

Analytical Chemistry (Laboratory), Chem300L


NSYSU & KMU Cooperation Research Excellent Scholar Award / 中山高醫合作研究優秀學者獎 (2017)

Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition (iENA) Silver Medal Award / 德國紐倫堡國際發明展銀牌獎 (2017)

Ministry of Education Senior Excellent Teacher Award / 教育部資深優良教師獎 (2016)

NSYSU & KMU Cooperation Research Excellent Scholar Award / 中山高醫合作研究優秀學者獎 (2015)

MOST outstanding young scholars Research Grant / 科技部優秀年輕學者研究計畫 (2015-2018)

National Sun Yat-sen academic merit Teachers / 國立中山大學學術研究績優教師 (2015)

Young Chemist Award of the Chinese Chemical Society / 化學會傑出青年化學家獎章 (2011)

National Sun Yat-sen University Distinguished Junior Research Professor / 中山大學特聘年輕學者獎 (2011-2014)

National Sun Yat-sen University Outstanding Research Award for Young Scholar / 中山大學研究績優獎(年輕學者獎)(2011)

College of LAS (Letters, Arts, and Science) Dissertation Fellowship Award (2003)

Women in Science Engineering Travel Grant Award (2003)

Dorothy and Earl S. Hoffman Travel Scholarship from the American Vacuum Society (2002)

USC Graduate Research Award (2002)

USC Excellence in Teaching Award (General and Physical Chemistry) (2001)