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 Food, air, and water are the three fundamental elements to sustain human life. However, air pollution has been a major problem of this century. In recent years, air pollution cause by human activities and the aerosols which produced from it have seriously jeopardized the living environment, air quality, and the health of human beings. Outdoor air pollution and its suspended particulates have been officially declared by the WHO (World Health Organization) as carcinogenic factors in 2003, especially for aerosol with aerodynamic particle size below 2.5 microns. 
However,human's breathing air quality has become a trmendous problem!
We should not ignore it! In January 2016, Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration's latest report on 2013-2015 Taiwan PM2.5 three-year data clearly shows that all stations except the East Coast regions exceeded the statutory annual average of 15 μg/m3, among which the three-year average for the Southwest Coast and Kaohsiung regions are nearly double the annual average! 


ASRC is established to create a representative national-level aerosol scientific research center in Taiwan to improve the current PM2.5’s main impact on the global environment and human health. The center will establish an international vision, cooperation, and exchange platform for the nation’s aerosol science research field, in order to conduct cross-disciplinary academic, industry-university exchanges, and cooperation across many countries (including cross-strait). In addition, ASRC will also focus on the popularization of science education, cultivation of the talented for aerosol science, environmental protection, and enhance the environmental awareness and scientific literacy of the people. Establishing a high-performance comprehensive testing laboratory to provide testing services. In view of the fact that basic scientific research is the foundation for all technological development and innovation, the center will focus on the basic scientific research of aerosol and to cover all major areas related to aerosol science. Please refer to the left figure for all relevant major areas covered by ASRC.







NSYSU and University of California, San Diego have singed the MOU

Aerosol Science Research Center (ASRC), National Sun Yat-sen University and NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE), University of California, San Diego have singed the MOU today (2019.3.8) to promote and strengthen the scientific and educational collaboration!