Educational Outreach



ASRC is actively engaged in educational outreach and has an Aerosol International Co-Learning Program,  the only aerosol-focused program in Asia. In addition, it is actively committed to developing innovative teaching and talent cultivation on all aerosol-related topics. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of aerosol science, ASRC has integrated scientists, researchers, and experts in aerosol-related subjects, encompassing physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, marine science, education, social sciences, when designing the curriculum and teaching activities, with an ultimate goal to raise the environmental awareness for global citizens.

Currently, we have design the educational outreach and novel teaching materials based on four major groups of learners, including:

  1. 1.  K-12 schools: actively cultivate seed teachers at each learning stage of K-12, and cooperate with seed teachers to plan themed courses suitable for each learning stage and level
  2. 2. University:  ASRC has established the following three programs.
    1. (1) PM2.5 Aerosol, Environment and Life program 
      (2) Aerosol, Atmosphere, and Ocean microprogram
      (3) Aerosol Science and Environmental Education microprogram
  3. 3.  Local community: actively handle special exhibitions, teaching activities, speeches, seminars, and community activities related to PM2.5 topics.
  4. 4.  International community: Develop bilingual aerosol-related teaching materials, offer aerosol professional courses taught in English, and actively carry out teaching and research cooperation with partners in many countries. In response to the "2030 Bilingual National Policy Development Blueprint" policy and the trend of internationalization, the center cooperates with international seed schools to develop and implement sustainable development education bilingual courses to enhance the sustainable development of teachers and students at home and abroad.